Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Texas hold'm

Lilian Asterfield @ Renegade's 1st Annual Craft Fair in Austin, TX.

Our booth, infusing a little high fashion into the indie craft scene! The response was great and the "oh's" and "ah's" always a treat to hear. The ladies loved the dress-up atmosphere and fingers tickled the new fringe designs all day.

For our first big trip, Austin made a great new spot to hang our hats. With music every where, great vintage, colorful tattoos and independent style, we felt right at home! We stayed a stones throw from the pavilion which was surrounded by lush trees and a great park. A bicycled would have been perfect, next time!

Yup, here's the master mind. Nicole Deponte sporting a fringe wrap.

Our favorite signage. Cowboy rides bunny!

Morning eats.

The Lilian Asterfield's trusty sidekick for this trip, Sara Deponte!

Some of our favorite spots were Feathers Boutique,
a shop full of handpicked vintage merchandised by color. Creating a delicious spread to poke through. I walked away with a gorgeous black silk shift dress with shoulder fins, the perfect blank slate for one of lilian asterfield's obi belts!


I have been dreamily fallowing the creative talents of Fernworks for quite some time now. It was to my great delight to stumble across their booth! Currently located in Asheville, NC, Faryn Davis creates stunning mixed media art, both wearable and for your walls. My most favorite find were her new series, inspired by her husband Eli's request for for plugs for his ears. I am thinking great gift idea for the my bro!


To all my fellow hat LOVERS, this little lady has got something for you! Mary Pattavina of Pretty Good Things is adorable. Lets read the back of her business card, shall we? " hats. fascinators. hair do-dads. You are awesome. highlight your awesomeness." After chit-chatting for a bit at Renegade (thanks mom for holding down the fort!) I had tried on everything and cooed to my hearts content when she explained that one piece was blocked from a jello mold. Her execution is stunning, clean, professional. Each piece is a must so get yourself on her mailing list and shop her website asap!