Monday, December 21, 2009

lilian asterfield moves into new digs!

Well guys,

I am very proud to say that after December 28th lilian asterfield will be located at 46 Waltham St. in Boston's South End. We will be starting work on our new studio and show room and can't wait to invite you all in to see the new space and new designs! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for upcoming trunk show events. Thanks to all of our fans for helping to support our success.


Jed Armour <3 lilian asterfield

Apse's Jad Armour rocks out in lilian asterfield at the All Tomorrows Parties festival.

Apse just released there new album, "climb up"!!!! The cd cover feature's jed's gorgeous new bride and my "freyed" co-designer Taylor Brown. Hot stuff. With a huge fallowing in Europe these guys are now taking the U.S. by storm.

lilian asterfield also got cast in their music video! Check it out!

Apse interview with Bobby Toher

APSE - 3.1 from ATP Recordings on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Urban Lace

Lately I have been taken to fancy architects... more specifically, the art objects that they make.

As of late, it has been Charlotte, NC-based artist Karen O'Leary. Thanks to my friends at cool hunting for introducing me to her amazing work. O'Leary makes urban lace, cutting out cities until they become defined by their streets. Breathtakingly delicate, her obsession is my eye candy.

Sowa Holiday Market

We'll be there, pop on over and see what all the fuss is about!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crisis, where? It's in the genes

I have had the most amazing pleasure of working with my bro this past year, collaborating on some hand painted Crisiswear one offs. We will be sharing our new collaboration at my lilian asterfield trunk show this September at Turtle in Boston, MA.

Matthew Deponte, a.k.a. flux ("Grown in a lab after the great war that decimated the earth. A perfect
combination of biomech technology, whose sole purpose is to create survival gear for the generations to come. "), is the mastermind behind this urban, industrial, steampunk magic. "Crisiswear apparel blends designs that embrace the future while still drawing influence from the past. From antique industrial eyelets to reflective neon piping, Crisiswear's apparel attracts a wide variety of clientele. A signature design includes the Kensen—a hooded, cowl neck bolero that combines Japanese elegance with 21st century practicality."

Some facts about
Crisiswear: "Crisiswear is custom made, double stitched and handcrafted to last the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. We use natural and performance fabrics to comfortably protect you from the Earth's elements. Our designs started as industrial post-apocalyptic survival gear, and later evolved to include our version of cutting-edge Steampunk clothing." Crisiwear was established in 2000 and continues to be recognized as "one of the most talked about underground street labels in the US."

The design team are heavily inspired by Japanese culture, sci-fi, anime, manga, tribal and historical fashion, parkour, clubwear, Burning Man, and Steampunk and Cybergoth subcultures to list a few.
All of their amazing designs are sewn entirely in Chicago by Flux, Molotov, and Sara, Crisiswear not only supports local business, we also offer the finest quality. Matthew offers custom orders which are personally designed and sewn entirely by him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Counsel Langley

"Native to the Northwest, Counsel Langley's award-winning work has been exhibited regionally and published in several select book projects and is included in Seattle City Light's Portable Works Collection. Langley received a BFA in Metals from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston in 1999. Metalsmithing’s emphasis on small-scale details and rich surfaces directly impacts her technique as a painter. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her commercial fisherman husband and two children."

Alidra Alic fantastical jewels

Alidra Alic'a delicious jewels dropped in my lap by way of the cool hunting website. Her pieces are innovative and graceful, the adornments of a true lady.

"Alidra Alic's dreamily surrealist "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" collection gives a stunning glimpse into the jewelry designer's looking-glass aesthetic. Inspired by the decorative floral motifs that emerged from the romantic period of the 1800s, the mostly resin and plastic-based

creations exude a wondrous, logic-defying sensibility.

To craft the collection, the Copenhagen-based designer applied self-invented techniques to create hundreds of plastic forms—a rigorous process which can take as long as six months to complete. She also incorporates additional materials, such as freshwater pearls (like in the "Drink Me" ring, pictured below) and precious stones, as well as gold and silver." by Laura Neilson

lilian asterfield hits Brooklyn

the boys at Alter picked some foxy pieces from our Spring/Summer2009 collection!!!

"Boston based artist Nicole Deponte has created the ultimate unisex neck accessory with her sculptural "upcycled" neckties, under the label Lilian Asterfield. Each piece is hand sewn, combining two or three vintage neckties into perfectly pinched and twisted wearable works of art. The ties feature a heavy duty snap closure for taking on and off, no fancy tie knots necessary. Alter is the first store in New York to carry the Lilian Asterfield line. Each piece is one of a kind."

neck kerchiefs 105.

plus a sweet triple ruffle 115.

saving the best for last, our favorite sherlock for the ladies and gents!