Friday, July 24, 2009

Crisis, where? It's in the genes

I have had the most amazing pleasure of working with my bro this past year, collaborating on some hand painted Crisiswear one offs. We will be sharing our new collaboration at my lilian asterfield trunk show this September at Turtle in Boston, MA.

Matthew Deponte, a.k.a. flux ("Grown in a lab after the great war that decimated the earth. A perfect
combination of biomech technology, whose sole purpose is to create survival gear for the generations to come. "), is the mastermind behind this urban, industrial, steampunk magic. "Crisiswear apparel blends designs that embrace the future while still drawing influence from the past. From antique industrial eyelets to reflective neon piping, Crisiswear's apparel attracts a wide variety of clientele. A signature design includes the Kensen—a hooded, cowl neck bolero that combines Japanese elegance with 21st century practicality."

Some facts about
Crisiswear: "Crisiswear is custom made, double stitched and handcrafted to last the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. We use natural and performance fabrics to comfortably protect you from the Earth's elements. Our designs started as industrial post-apocalyptic survival gear, and later evolved to include our version of cutting-edge Steampunk clothing." Crisiwear was established in 2000 and continues to be recognized as "one of the most talked about underground street labels in the US."

The design team are heavily inspired by Japanese culture, sci-fi, anime, manga, tribal and historical fashion, parkour, clubwear, Burning Man, and Steampunk and Cybergoth subcultures to list a few.
All of their amazing designs are sewn entirely in Chicago by Flux, Molotov, and Sara, Crisiswear not only supports local business, we also offer the finest quality. Matthew offers custom orders which are personally designed and sewn entirely by him.