Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How You Wear It, Part 1.

I sat down with jeweler, Leslie Eaton, for a short Q&A about style and Lilian Asterfield.
Leslie & her dog, Higgins
Dress: Anthropologie
Oxford shoes: Frye
Watch: Swiss Army
Bracelet: Leslie Eaton
Fantastic bow tie: Lilian Asterfield
Birdie Bow Tie

Nicole: How does your style reflect in your work?

Leslie: Classic and timeless with a twist, tomboy/menswear/utility/nautical, and always functional and comfortable (a must given the lifestyle of working in a jewelry studio and living with 2 great danes and a lab). 

Nicole: I find that in the efforts to fly by the seat of my pants… I often wear pants. I find styling my pieces with a blazer, drapy cardigan or tank works really well for me. We always tell our customers when they are mulling over which piece would best fit; you want to wear your cloths, not have them wear you. It's all about lifestyle and comfort when dressing your style.

Leslie: Best tip I've learned over the years: Always dress for your body type and highlight your best and favorite features.  I tend to be fashionable but not trendy as trends are just that and are out of style in 15 minutes.  

Nicole: Totally agree, though I like to add bits of my favorite trends to my classics. Lilian Asterfield is built on a character and story, what narrates your work?

Leslie: Antiques and influences from the late Victorian Era, dogs and animals, antique children's books, Ed Gorey and JJ Grandville are my favorite artists, and Wilkie Collins and JK Rowling are my favorite authors.

Thanks so much, Leslie, for chatting with us and sharing your photos!!! 

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