Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Muse: Bella

Growing up on a Gentleman's Farm = house full of creative spirits meets tiny town, rolling hills, dense forest. I would say a hardy recipe for adventure. I still need a good dose of green and a visit with one of my favorite four legged critters, Miss Bella. I had to share a few of the glamour shots from my last visit.  

Pink freckles and the sweetest kissable nose.
When my Dad first met Bella, she was a tiny scrapper. The other horses gave her such a hard time, knipping her main so that she looked like a gauky wild animal. 
When she caught sight of my dad, she quietly made her way over, and rested her head on his shoulder, it was love at first sight and she joined the family soon after. Bella is now a very big girl. I don't know exactly how many hands, but lets just say we could have a well attended dinner party after.